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Load Testing & Inspection

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Load Testing & Inspection

  • Inspection/load testing of lifting tackle (quarterly/6-monthly/annually)
  • Inspection/load testing of lifting equipment (6-monthly/annually)
  • Drawing up of registers to comply with OHS Act
  • We perform on-site inspections and load-testing on all your standard lifting items
  • All items passed during the inspections are issued with a certificate of compliance
  • All the inspections are performed in accordance with the OHS Act DMR 18 and a variety of EN/SABS/SANS standards
  • We issue a high quality inspection report of all our findings and recommendations, to assist you in rectifying the deviations highlighted; our professional service will also prevent this from occurring again in the future
  • We can also audit your current internal lifting equipment inspection programs and issue a written audit report with our findings and recommendations
  • We remove scrapped items after the inspections (on request) to eliminate any items that might cause accidents after the inspections
  • We can assist you by making your custom made lifting tackle safe; this is done in accordance with requirements from the Department of Labour
  • We can assist you by drawing up a detailed standard procurement policy to help eliminate dangerous and untested lifting tackle from finding its way into your company due to low prices
  • We will conduct rope investigations and destructive breaking force tests; test certificates with load deformation graphs on request; this is an additional safety check when performing crane rope inspections

Mobile Load Testing Station

Our load testing station can simulate the actual lifting of a load, making sure it is safe to use your hand operated lifting machines. Designed to pull against a hydraulic cylinder at a pre-determined value, the system is fail safe. In other words, when testing a 1 500 kg lever hoist, the machine is set to allow the lever hoist to be pulled against the cylinder at 1 875 kg allowing you an accurate dynamic brake-and-lift test as required by SABS 1594 and 1636.

With a stroke of 1 000 mm the lifting machine is thoroughly tested without applying any static pull which happens in the majority of cases. This machine is also capable of testing up to 6 m slings in-line and 10 m slings doubled up. The ability to perform a static test allows for the safe load testing of all lifting tackle such as slings, shackles, snatch blocks, eye bolts etc.

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